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September 11, 2020

Delighted to have updated my portfolio site and also use a bit of new tech in the form of Gatsby.

Gatsby is based on React, so many aspects of the framework are familiar, however, there are still many differences too. It is a static site generator so it’s super fast at displaying content when live, but what I really liked about it was the ability to connect with Netlify CMS to make a simple blog. This was super easy to set up as thanks to the gatsby-personal-starter-blog starter.

Blog articles are created as markdown (.md) files or, even better, MDX files that allow you to write JSX in your markdown docs! There’s no back-end DB that you need to set up and the .md or .mdx files are stored in the content folder on your project repo. Better still is the ability to auto-deploy through Netlify every time a new article is written. Seamless.

Although I’ve only just scratched the surface with Gatsby for a small scale portfolio and blog site it has been great.



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